Danish Dough Whisk
Danish Dough Whisk
Danish Dough Whisk
Danish Dough Whisk
Danish Dough Whisk

Danish Dough Whisk

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Going insane because of the sticky mixture?
Broke your whisk when you are trying to blend a tough dough?
No?more struggle for mixing?with?BakeVille? Danish Dough Whisk!

It is an innovative, essential baking utensil that?works with all types of dough, including?tough, sticky, dry, liquid and heavy doughs. With this whisk, You can mix your ingredients more efficiently and thoroughly than a typical whisk would be. No need to use your own hands,?avoiding to be stuck with flour when?handling annoying doughs!

This whisk is made of?durable stainless steel?with wooden handle, passed the food safety standards. Danish-style design ensures the mixture or dough?won¡¯t clump & stick on the wire head. Simply clean it with running water after use.

Besides mixing, blending and folding, it can?replace the functions of a spatula?to clean the side of?your mixing bowl.?It is a must-have tool that can?help with all?the recipes, like?pizzas, pie crusts, pasta, crepes, waffles, croissants, or sourdough?loaves?and biscuits.

Enjoy easy baking!
Don¡¯t hesitate to grab one!


  • Efficient Dough Mixing!
    With a unique?flow-through design,?this?whisk?is perfect for mixing?both wet and dry dough?with?less sticking and clogging?than a typical wire?whisk or a spoon. Mix your ingredients very?quickly, thoroughly and with less effort.
  • No More Sticky Hands
    This whisk is strong and durable enough to handle?heavy & sticky doughs.?No need to use your hands to rub the dough and clean the sticky dough off your hands anymore! Perfect for baking lovers who?prefer to use a hand whisk or do not have an electric mixer.?
  • Easy To Clean
    The dough won't stick and accumulate between the wire,?ensuring easy & efficient cleaning!?Simply rinse and move under running water after use. You can now spend more time to enjoy your fresh baked bread!
  • Quality Material
    Made of professional quality stainless steel with a strong and sturdy wooden handle, so it?won¡¯t be?bent when preparing the thicker dough.?All materials are food-grade standard and?completely safe.


  • Multifunction
    You can use it as a?spatula?- perfect for stirring and folding the ingredients, as well as?cleaning and scraping the side of the bowl.?Fewer utensils are needed.?
  • Suitable For All Your Recipes
    It is helpful for everything, such as?pizzas, pie crusts, pasta, crepes, waffles, croissants,?sourdough loaves and biscuits. This hand whisk is the best kitchen tool that can address all your baking needs.


  • Size: 33 x 8 x 25cm
  • Material: Stainless Steel + Rubberwood


  • 1 x BakeVille? Danish Dough Whisk